For men suffering from erectile dysfunction, excess body fat, and chronic stress...

4 Sneaky, Common Things Tanking Your Testosterone

How to Naturally Boost Your Testosterone Without shots, steroids, or medications and have the incredible life & body You deserve by naturally boosting your testosterone in just a few days

For men suffering from erectile dysfunction, excess body fat, and chronic stress...

4 Sneaky, Common Things Tanking Your Testosterone

How To Naturally Boost Your Testosterone Without Shots, Steroids, or Medications and Have the Incredible Life & Body You Deserve

Today's men have 70% less testosterone than our grandfathers did at our age.

Read that again. ⬆️

Sneaky, everyday things are rapidly decreasing testosterone in American men, and you can see it in the average male body.

These unnaturally low testosterone levels are causing erectile dysfunction, stubborn body fat, low energy, and poor mental health... and it's getting worse every year.

What the hell happened?!

You may think it's because our grandparents were more active in their daily lives than we are.

But actually, recent studies have shown that we move and exercise way MORE in 2022 than people did in 1950.

You know what is different, though?

Testosterone levels. Big time.

Sneaky, everyday things in our kitchens, our bathrooms, our food, and our cities are tanking our natural testosterone.

The average testosterone of a 40 year old man has been going down every single year for almost a century, and it keeps getting worse.

In fact, our average testosterone levels are so out of whack, they're causing issues much bigger than excess body fat.

Low testosterone will:

⛔️ make your cells age faster

⛔️ cause erectile dysfunction

⛔️ increase your stress

⛔️ and force your body to store stubborn fat whether you work out or not

Here's the good news ⤵️

Low testosterone is totally reversible without medical intervention. I know, because I've done it.

I'm Justin Nault, and I'm a master clinical nutritionist for athletes and high performers. But I didn't start here.

A few years ago I was struggling with health issues that I couldn't figure out.

I was a life long athlete... but here I was with body fat I couldn't get rid of no matter how hard I worked out.

My energy levels were wiped, my stress was high, and I never wanted to go to the gym.

Then I started having erectile dysfunction issues and my confidence took a massive hit.

"What the hell?!" I thought. "I'm way too young for this."

I felt like I must be doomed with bad genetics. Had I peaked already?? Was something wrong with me?

I had to figure it out.

Then, one day, I had my blood drawn and found that I had the testosterone of a 75 year old man. What the fuck.

I thought there must be a mistake. This had to be a rare fluke, or maybe I had eaten something that threw off the results?

I immediately called every medical expert I knew and what I heard shocked me. I learned that testosterone levels have been plummeting in American men, year after year, for almost 100 years.

It's getting worse every single year. In fact, studies show that the average 22-year-old today has testosterone of a 67-year-old in the year 2000.

It wasn’t a ME problem. The entire country was dealing with this! I was fighting an uphill battle and I didn't even know it.

Instantly I realized that if I wanted a fit body, healthy sex life, and youthful energy, I needed to get my testosterone back to where it should be. I knew I could have the life I wanted if I could get my body firing on all cylinders.

But I didn't want to use to steroids or shots.

If guys in the 1950s could have naturally healthy testosterone, I knew there was a way I could do it without injecting myself.

So I dedicated all my time to exploring everything that could increase my testosterone levels naturally.

I read clinical study after study and set up over 100 experiments on myself.

I spent every moment testing proven, natural ways to increase my body’s testosterone levels and logging every result to see what worked.

Then one day, I looked in the mirror, and I had the first six pack of my LIFE.

"Holy shit."

I was so busy doing research that I wasn’t even going to the gym! But there it was… the set of washboard abs I thought I’d never have.

I tested my testosterone one final time and it was 400% higher than where I had started. No shots. No steroids. Nothing artificial.

I felt like I had found the Holy Grail.

After going through all of this myself I decided to condense everything I had learned into a groundbreaking program for boosting natural testosterone.

For years it was only available to my private, 1:1 clients. 

I walked my private nutrition clients through the same program I had built for myself. I helped countless guys in the same situation I had been in.

Client after client went from low testosterone to life changing results.

From excess body fat to a fit and healthy body.
From erectile dysfunction to bulletproof performance.
From stress and low energy to strong mental focus and a joyful life.

"Man, I can't thank you enough. I feel like I'm my college athlete self again, but better. 

I spent so long trapped in a middle aged 'dad bod' and now I'm BACK."

James L., California

"Man, I can't thank you enough. It's like I'm my college athlete self again, but better. 
I spent so long trapped in a middle aged 'dad bod' and now I'm BACK."

James L., California
Now, if this is all brand new to you, don't sweat it. It's not your fault. 

You'd have to put in thousands of hours of biochemistry research to dig through everything I learned on my journey. 

For years, drug companies have been burying clinical science about how life-changing it is to go from today's 'average' testosterone levels to truly healthy, optimal levels.

Why? Healthy testosterone levels aren't profitable.

Most guys think genetics and age are stopping them from having the body, the confidence, the health, and the athletic performance that they want, but this is absolutely not true.

You don’t have to age into dad bod, erectile dysfunction, and low energy.

You don't have to settle for 'okay,' when you know you deserve so much better.

There is a ton of misinformation out there about testosterone, so I filmed this video to walk through a few of the biggest testosterone myths.

When natural testosterone is at prime levels your body:

- has the erections of a teenager
- burns body fat 24/7
has clear focus and strong mental health
- feels younger and more energized
- and even processes alcohol better

Men with higher testosterone levels even make more money. A lot more.

Steve is a perfect example of this...

"You totally have to sabotage yourself to not be successful with this. I've put on 8 pounds of muscle while working out less, but I didn't even know how much my life was going to change.
I switched careers, started my own business, and doubled my income."

Steve P., Massachusetts

"You totally have to sabotage yourself to not be successful with this. I've put on 8 pounds of muscle while working out less, but I didn't even know how much my life was going to change.

I switched careers, started my own business, and doubled my income."

Steve P., Massachusetts

After years of training private clients, here's what I found... the same four, common things were tanking the testosterone of every guy I worked with.

If you know how to eliminate these things from your life, your testosterone will naturally increase. ⤴ 

All you have to do is remove the obstacles and your body will do the rest.

But if you don't... the things causing low testosterone in your modern life will continue to ruin your metabolism, your erections, and your mental health. 📈

If you change nothing, your body is fighting a silent battle that you can't win.

If you were sitting next to me right now I would bet you $1,000 that there are at least five things in your bathroom at home that are lowering your testosterone every single day.

I've played this game with friends and strangers and I've never been wrong.

That's how common these things our in the average modern household.

So if you're serious about wanting to:

✅ burn more fat while you sleep
✅ develop bulletproof sexual performance
✅ and improve the health of your entire body

I want to give you instant access to...

The Ultimate Testosterone Manual:

4 Sneaky, Common Things Tanking Your Testosterone

You'll learn about:
✅ Testosterone-lowering household items
✅ Which supplements work and which don't - and why
✅ My top testosterone-boosting sleep hacks
✅ How to maximize your results
Plus, you'll also get:
⭐️ A full list of testosterone-boosting product swaps
⭐️ A full supplement recommendation list
⭐️ A detailed guide to eliminating excess estrogen
⭐️ A step-by-step checklist of daily actions

Click the button below to get your copy now for $199 today's price of $37 ⤵️

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Level up to a life with better sex, better energy, and a better body… with this clinically proven, step-by-step guide for men ready to permanently increase natural testosterone levels in just a few days.

The Ultimate Testosterone Manual is perfect for men with any of these symptoms, especially if you have two or more:

☑️ erectile dysfunction, even occasionally
☑️ infertility or low sperm count
☑️ low energy, especially in the afternoon
☑️ hair loss
☑️ premature signs of aging
☑️ low libido
☑️ insomnia
☑️ chronic stress or anxiety
☑️ stubborn body fat

Consider this your cheat code to taking your health from ‘average’ (which let’s be honest, is pretty bad these days) to beyond optimal

Like, my-friends-are-asking-if-I-got-stem-cell-injections optimal. That's how powerful natural hormones are.

Using the protocol in The Ultimate Testosterone Manual, you can:

💪🏾 get the body of your dreams (even if you’ve never seen your abs before)

🙌🏻 lose body fat while you sleep, without going to the gym

💸 get powerful, focused, and inspired with daily energy (so you can conquer anything)

🏋🏼‍♀️ gain twice as much muscle with less than half the exercise you’re doing now 

😴 fall asleep easily and sleep like a rock all night (even if you’ve been dealing with insomnia for years)

🧘🏽 ditch chronic stress and anxiety, and feel what it’s like to have the calm, clear mind that comes with balanced hormones

🍆 blow the minds of your sexual partners, whether you’re single or have been with the same person for years

But wait! It gets better. 😉

Men who have had regular erectile dysfunction for YEARS report bulletproof sexual performance that lasts - NO more bedroom anxiety.

Get ready to feel better than you previously thought possible… 

(I’m talking better than those college days where you could stay up drinking till 3am and still wake up ready to conquer the day.)

I’m not just here to improve your life a little. I want you to level up to a place you aren’t even dreaming of yet.

That’s how powerful optimized testosterone really is.

Want to see a preview? Here’s what we’ll cover. ⏬

Section 1: How The Fitness Industry Failed Me

Cut to me, years ago, busting my ass at the gym. I was a boxer, a martial artist, and a power lifter. But I was still soft with excess body fat that wouldn’t budge, and I couldn’t figure out why.

Section 2: Diagnosing Low Testosterone

Don't want to run out to get a blood test? No worries. I’ll walk you through all of the most common clinically proven symptoms of low testosterone and how they’re affecting your daily life right now.

Section 3: Health Today in Average Men

You’re here, so you already know that testosterone is WAY down in men today. Even young men are suffering from symptoms that were previously only seen in men in their 60s, 70s, and 80s. We’ll dive a little deeper into the stats here. 

Section 4: Endocrinology 101: Why Testosterone Is Going Down

This is where we really dig into the science, and this lesson is short but powerful. You won't feel like you're cramming for an exam, but you will leave with a solid understanding of how testosterone works in the body. AND we'll talk about how it’s even possible for average testosterone levels to be as bad as they are right now. 

Section 5: Boosting Testosterone: Hormones in Your House

If you’re sitting inside, I would be willing to bet that you have at least three testosterone tanking items within a ten foot radius of you right now. Modern houses are full of these sneaky, common items and they’re super easy to clean up. If you think little things can’t make a big difference, think again.

Section 6: Boosting Testosterone: Hormones in Your Water

Water quality has been clinically proven to have a massive effect on hormone levels and overall health. In this section we’ll cover how water quality varies, what to do about your water based on source, and how water additives are creating hormonal imbalances in your body today.

Section 7: Boosting Testosterone: Sleep

Did you know that most of your body’s testosterone is produced while you sleep? Unfortunately, low testosterone can also cause insomnia, leading to a vicious cycle. In this section I’ll walk you through my tried and tested ways to improve sleep time and sleep quality in just a few days.

Section 6: Boosting Testosterone: Key Nutrients

Most of us, even if we’re eating a really good diet, aren’t getting all the nutrients we need every single day. A few key vitamins and minerals have been clinically proven to have a massive impact on how much testosterone your body can make (total testosterone) AND how much of that testosterone your body can actually use (free testosterone). We’ll dig into each of them, what they do, and how to incorporate them into your life. Don't waste your money on the thousands of useless supplements on the market promising higher testosterone - use only what actually works.

Level Up Your Life Guarantee

If you read The Ultimate Testosterone Manual, put the step-by-step recommendations into play in your life, and don't notice a significant difference in your life within just a few weeks, you deserve your money back

If you continue to deal with erectile dysfunction, stubborn body fat that won’t budge, and lackluster daily energy levels, we will issue you a refund - no matter how long ago you bought.

If you don't wake up 30 days from now feeling like you took a magic pill, you deserve your money back

Just send us an email to and we’ll happily give you your money back. 

Seriously. It’s a very drama-free experience. We want you 100% happy with your results or we don’t want your money.

Listen, you’ve only got one life. And today is the youngest you are ever going to be.

If your testosterone is low today and you do nothing, it is only going to keep going down further and further and further…

So if you’re not ready to take action now, that’s okay. Just remember that you’ll be digging yourself out of a deeper and deeper hole the longer you wait. 

Your physical body will run slower, retain more body fat, sexual performance will decrease, and chronic stress will continue with no end in sight.

The small investment in The Ultimate Testosterone Manual will ensure that your low testosterone symptoms end RIGHT NOW

Today can be just another day for you…

Or it can be the first day of the life you know you deserve.

The Ultimate Testosterone Manual:

4 Sneaky, Common Things Tanking Your Testosterone

You'll learn about:
✅ Testosterone-lowering household items
✅ Which supplements work and which don't - and why
✅ My top testosterone-boosting sleep hacks
✅ How to maximize your results
Plus, you'll also get:
⭐️ A full list of testosterone-friendly products
⭐️ A full supplement recommendation list
⭐️ A detailed guide to eliminating excess estrogen
⭐️ A step-by-step checklist of daily actions

Click the button below to get your copy now for $199 today's price of $37 ⤵️

No shipping, get it instantly on your computer, phone, and tablet.

Frequently Asked Questions 🧐

I’ve tried tons of fitness programs and I still don’t have the body I should after all the work I’ve put in. How is The Ultimate Testosterone Manual different?
Great question. Most men today don’t have enough free testosterone to repair the muscle built during heavy resistance workouts, so lots of guys actually find that their strength and muscle mass DECREASE over time. 

Contrary to popular belief, fitness is not enough to get you the body of your dreams. Lesser known is the fact that fitness can work directly against your physique goals if you are suffering from hormonal imbalances or metabolic dysfunction. 

When you participate in intense exercise, you require more testosterone to recover properly. If your body cannot keep up with the testosterone demand, intense workouts can damage your health and make matters worse. 

Clinical studies show the the stress-induced response from exercise causes cortisol levels to spike in the body, which decreases testosterone levels. In a perfect world, your body would produce plenty of testosterone during your recovery time to help the body repair and heal from the workout. However, if you're suffering from low T, your cortisol levels will remain spiked and your muscles will not be able to recover properly from exercise. 

If this problem persists, the combination of intense exercise and low testosterone can actually lead to decreased muscle mass and an increase in stored body fat! 
I'm eat pretty healthy but I have way more body fat than I did a 5, 10, 15 years ago. Is this just aging?
Testosterone plays a direct role in lipolysis (your body's ability to burn stored fat). 

If you're suffering from low testosterone, burning body fat will be extremely difficult and storing additional body fat will be all too easy. 

Breakthrough clinical science has shown that the dramatic decrease in testosterone is due mostly to environmental factors (aka things outside of our bodies, not just the natural physical changes that come with aging). 

These environmental factors force men into an estrogen-dominant state leading to increased body fat storage, decreased muscle mass, and a sharp decline in libido, energy levels, and mental performance. All of these symptoms which men have accepted as "normal" are anything but. It is not normal to store more body fat and feel like shit all the time and these symptoms can all be traced back to low testosterone. 

Clinical studies have also proven that optimizing your natural testosterone levels actually helps your body shed excess body fat even while you’re sleeping or sitting around your house. Staying lean should be your body's natural state.
I’ve never gotten even close to the body I’d like to have. Will The Ultimate Testosterone Manual actually help me look the way I want to?
Absolutely. In fact, fat loss is one of my specialties. I've helped thousands of clients over the years achieve miraculous fat loss results. 

The reason body fat is so difficult to lose is because there aren't any diet or exercises programs actually addressing the root cause of the fat gain. Everyone is convinced you can just "burn more calories" to lose fat. But look around you at what "average" health has become. How's that calorie burning working out for people? It's not. And that's because almost all excess body fat is the result of metabolic dysfunction.

Recent studies have shown that only about 12% of adults are "metabolically healthy." Which means a full 88% of adults are suffering from metabolic dysfunction, a condition that causes body fat storage and an inability to lose weight. This also leads to hormonal imbalances like low testosterone. It doesn't matter how many calories you count or how many calories you burn, if your hormones are jacked, good luck burning fat. It's just not going to happen. 

My testosterone protocol addresses the root cause of hormonal imbalances and metabolic dysfunction to make sure you burn stored body fat without killing yourself in the gym. 
My daily energy levels have tanked over the past several years. Even when I drink a lot of caffeine, I crash in the afternoon. Can this be improved?
Yes! A recent clinical study reported that over 93% of men reported an immediate increase in energy levels and libido (which tend to go hand in hand) when testosterone levels were increased. We're going to send your energy levels through the roof

Within a few weeks of following this protocol, I want you feeling better than you did in your early twenties. Too many people are focused on adding things like caffeine to their daily diet in hopes of improving energy levels, when the truth is, no amount of coffee or energy drinks will keep your energy levels sustained and dependable. Until you address the root cause of the lack of energy, you'll be stuck on the rollercoaster of energy spikes and crashes, constantly reaching for another caffeine filled pick me up. 

My protocol, quite literally, changes the way your cells create energy. It makes your body more efficient at creating energy from the foods you eat. Once this shift is made you'll notice a significant and permanent increase in your daily energy levels. 
I feel like I can’t focus as well as I used to. My memory is slower and my mind isn’t as sharp. Can testosterone actually help mental focus issues?
Boosting testosterone to optimal levels will have a positive impact on every single aspect of your health & wellness, including cognitive function. 

Once your testosterone levels begin to climb toward optimal levels, you'll notice a dramatic shift in your focus, concentration, and cognitive performance. Clinical data backs this up but, more importantly, I can tell you that over the years a HUGE number of my clients have quit their day jobs to become successful entrepreneurs after their testosterone improved. I don't know any better indicator of improved focus and mental bandwidth.

The same root causes that have led to the sluggish hormone production in your body are also responsible for the lack of energy and brain fog you may be experiencing in your day to day life. All of these things are connected and it's important to remember that this testosterone protocol will also have a positive impact on your entire metabolism. The body is not a bunch of disconnected pieces. These systems are all connected and improving one improves them all!  
My doctor told me that my erectile dysfunction, body composition, and energy changes are normal signs of aging and that my bloodwork looks ‘fine.’ If that’s the case, how can The Ultimate Testosterone Manual help me?
Go out in public and take a look around you... do some people-watching and observe other humans going about their daily lives. After doing this for a while, write me an email and let me know if you want your health & wellness to be "average." I'm willing to be you don't

Unfortunately, our society has become so wildly unhealthy that "average health" means "fat, sick, and nearly dead." Trust me, as someone who has worked with thousands of clients, you do not want to be "average." 

The same is true when it come to your bloodwork. Your Doctor is testing you against "normal" blood levels and comparing you against the "average" population. The problem here is that the vast majority of people who are having their blood drawn by medical facilities are already dealing with extremely poor health. For that reason, all of our "normal" reference ranges for blood work are wildly skewed. Being "normal" or "average" actually means you are sick and unhealthy. 

Even if your Doctor has told you your bloodwork looks "fine" or "normal," I assure you, my protocol will take you from normal to fully optimized and you'll experience a whole new level of health & wellness that will feel so good... you'll never, ever want to go back to being "normal" again. 
Honestly, I think I’m just past the prime of my life. Am I insane to think I could feel like I did in my early 20s again?
Don't worry, you're definitely not insane! What's actually insane is that most of society has just sort of accepted that we're supposed to feel like shit as we age... but nothing could be further from the truth! 

Getting older doesn't mean you have to age rapidly - but that's exactly what most people are experiencing, and it is anything but normal. Things that were considered 'premature aging' a few decades ago are now just called 'normal.'

The truth is, testosterone levels should never rapidly decline at any point in your life. Yes, testosterone levels do naturally lower, very slowly, over the course of your entire lifetime, but the massive drops in testosterone we see in modern men are completely abnormal and unbelievably detrimental to human health. 

In generations past, our ancestors would have enjoyed healthy levels of testosterone well into their 50s, 60s, and even 70s. Thankfully, you can experience the very same thing, bringing your testosterone levels back up to where they were when you were in your twenties and maintaining those levels into advanced age.  
My insomnia is out of control. It takes me an annoyingly long time to fall asleep, and even when I do, I don’t sleep through the night. How is this related to testosterone?
Testosterone plays a huge role in your overall sleep quality. Multiple studies cite the relationship between testosterone and sleep - and show that low testosterone in adult males is directly linked to impaired sleep quality. 

Most of your body's repair mechanisms active when you are sleeping. Not only do virtually all of those repair mechanisms require testosterone, but the vast majority of the testosterone your body produces is made while you sleep. 

When you're suffering from low testosterone, your stress hormones are automatically elevated. Cortisol, prolactin, and estrogen increase which keep you alert and restless and make sleep extremely difficult. You then end up in a vicious cycle where you cannot get the sleep quality required to produce optimal levels of testosterone so your stress hormones keep rising and your sleep quality keeps declining. The problem is compounding and gets worse over time. 

The only long term solution is to correct the hormonal imbalance by optimizing your testosterone levels.  
I feel stressed and anxious and I don’t really know why. Is that really related to hormones? 
One of the unsung benefits of testosterone is its role in stress. Clinical research has shown that stressful situations lead to a decrease in testosterone. Of the subjects studied, those with lower levels of stress hormones such as cortisol and prolactin had the highest levels of free testosterone. 

Unfortunately for us, our modern environments and societal norms have led to men being more stressed out than ever before in history. 

You can think of testosterone as a sort of "anti-stress" hormone. Testosterone also plays a huge role in cellular health and energy production. When you're suffering from low testosterone, the body needs to use emergency backup methods to ensure the cells can keep functioning and keep you alive and kicking. In these instances, the stress hormones such as cortisol, prolactin, and estrogen spike dramatically. 

These stress hormones are only meant to be used for short periods of time when the body is in a distressed state. The goal of these stress hormones is to keep you alert enough to seek out the proper nutrients and energy to help the cells produce the proper hormones (like testosterone) to bring your stress levels back down. The problem is, in our modern society, you're likely living in a chronically stressed state, day in and day out. As long as your testosterone levels remain low, your stress hormones will remain elevated and you will suffer from symptoms of chronics stress such as anxiety and even depression.   
My doctor/friend/partner said I should try meditating to help with my chronic stress, but I haven’t really gotten into the habit. Will increasing my natural testosterone make a bigger difference? 
I'm a big fan of meditation and its benefits. I do it every day. But I can promise you, it will not yield anywhere near the results for chronic stress that boosting testosterone levels will. Especially not in the short term. 

Meditation can take months, if not years to get the hang of and the results are hard earned and require consistent daily practice. 

Testosterone is so powerful that men often report feeling like they've taken a "magic pill" once their testosterone levels are optimized and they often experience positive benefits within a mater of days once they remove the biggest offenders tanking their testosterone levels. 

Modern scientific research suggests that declining testosterone levels can lead to clinical depression and anxiety partly due to the rise in stress hormones like cortisol. The faster you can optimize your hormone levels, the faster you can decrease your chronic stress hormones and experience a dramatic decrease in stress.   
Something is missing my life and I don’t know what it is. It feels like my lack of direction and purpose can’t be related to testosterone. What is the physical-mental link really? 
Believe it or not, men with low testosterone often experience a profound lack of purpose in their day to day lives. I've seen this in private clients and I've seen it in mental health research.

This has a crippling impact on your overall motivation and zest for life. The importance of this connection cannot be overstated. 

In fact, clinical research has shown that men with more advantaged socioeconomic position have higher levels of serum testosterone. Simply put, men with higher testosterone levels hold more dominant positions in society and make more money than men with lower testosterone levels. Researchers have found that these men are highly driven and operate with a sense of self-confidence and purpose that men with lower testosterone do not seem to possess.    
I’m taking hormone replacement therapy already. What’s the point of increasing my natural testosterone levels?
Testosterone supplementation can be a complete waste of money if you're not correcting the root cause of your low testosterone. But it gets worse... until you correct the root cause of your low T, hormone replacement therapy can even be harmful to your health! 

Most men suffering from low testosterone are living in a state of estrogen-dominance. Their body produces too much aromatase, an enzyme the can take testosterone and convert it directly into estrogen. When this is the case, adding more testosterone to your system is like mainlining more estrogen into your body! As long as the estrogen-dominance remains and you are producing an abundance of aromatase, any additional testosterone you add to your body can be easily hijacked by aromatase and converted into even more estrogen. 

I'm a hormone replacement therapy advocate but it must be used responsibly and alongside lifestyle interventions that correct the root cause of your low testosterone to be effective and beneficial. Until you fix the root cause, you're wasting your money on HRT and making matters worse.  
I had my testosterone tested and my doctor said my levels were normal, but I’m still having lots of symptoms of low testosterone. How is that possible?
In the past 40 years, the medical "normal" range for testosterone has decreased multiple times to follow the trend of declining testosterone in average men. If you're testing in the "normal" range today, it's more accurate to say that you have "average" levels of testosterone. And we don't want average. We want healthy. We want optimal.

But that's not the biggest problem... The biggest problem is that most blood work is performed on sick individuals with the specific goal of identifying disease and pathologies. Which means the "normal" reference ranges most Doctors use come from a sick population. Recent studies have shown that 88% of adults suffer from metabolic dysfunction. If we're conservative, that means that 88% of blood drawn will be abnormal. Faced with this evidence, you certainly do not want to compare the results of your blood work to that of "average" adults. 

To truly be feeling your best, you don't want your testosterone levels to be normal, you want them to sit comfortably in the top 5-10% of testosterone levels in men. And not just men in your age group, but ALL men. 

"Justin is the real deal. I was so tired of looking and feeling like an 'old guy.' Then I started learning from Justin and everything changed.

I don't mind being 62 now that I feel 35 again. My entire life is different."

Charlie N., Tennessee

"Justin is the real deal. I was so tired of looking and feeling like an 'old guy.' Then I started learning from Justin and everything changed.
I don't mind being 62 now that I feel 35 again. My entire life is different."

Charlie N., Tennessee
Now, this is where things really change

In the next few minutes, you’ll be diving into all the stories, the science, and the details in The Ultimate Testosterone Manual. And by the end of the day, you’ll have learned more than you would in a month of digging through clinical studies and medical journals.

In fact, most people start making easy life swaps that will increase their testosterone levels within the first hour.

Most importantly, The Ultimate Testosterone Manual will give you all the info you need to level up every single area of your life. Your mental, physical, and emotional health will all improve dramatically. This is no joke, and it’s not small time stuff. 

Most men find that within just a few months they are making more money, have a new or improved romantic relationship, and are walking around the world with an overall sense of I can do anything.

I can't wait to see what happens for you.

See you on the inside!

The Ultimate Testosterone Manual:

4 Sneaky, Common Things Tanking Your Testosterone

You'll learn about:
✅ Testosterone-lowering household items
✅ Which supplements work and which don't - and why
✅ My top testosterone-boosting sleep hacks
✅ How to maximize your results
Plus, you'll also get:
⭐️ A full list of testosterone-friendly products
⭐️ A full supplement recommendation list
⭐️ A detailed guide to eliminating excess estrogen
⭐️ A step-by-step checklist of daily actions

Click the button below to get your copy now for $199 today's price of $37 ⤵️

No shipping, get it instantly on your computer, phone, and tablet.

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